Before contacting us, please read the FAQ below.
• The OG Posse sticker design was rectangular, why are your templates square?
We made our templates square for the sake of simplicity and to use our sheets of vinyl with less waste.
• Who is keeping the profits from the sales of the sticker packs?
Projects like this require a lot of work that may not be seen or understood by outside observers. When we do this work, we don't know if the project is going to make any money at all. We take all the risk of investing our own time and money into it. Sometimes projects pay off financially and sometimes they don't. So the short answer is, IF there's any profit at all (most often very little) it goes to the people who work on the project to make it happen. You can trust that PEEL & Discordia will always re-invest whatever profit comes in back into the culture.
• Will everyone who submits a design get a free pack?
No. Only the artists whose designs are chosen to be included will get a free pack.
• Whatever happened to PEEL Magazine?
We had to stop producing PEEL when the economy tanked in 2008-2009. More about that here.
• What did you do after PEEL ended?
We've done a lot of stuff. One of our favorite projects was creating a sticker museum for StickerYou in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Check it out here.
• Will you ever bring PEEL back?
• Where can I get back issues of PEEL?
You can order copies of both the magazine and the PEEL book here.
• Will you send me some free stickers?
• Where is the best place to have my own stickers printed?
We get asked this question all the time. The answer is always, "It depends". There are so many variables (quantity needed, number of colors, indoor/outdoor use, the list goes on) that it's impossible to say without more information. We may be a little biased, but you should check out Discordia Merchandising for custom sticker printing first. They can also produce other high quality custom merch at affordable prices.